Powdered Mimosa Hostilis Inner Root Bark


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Our Mimosa Hostilis inner root bark comes from the north part of Brazil. The root bark harvest takes place 2 to 3 weeks prior to your order with the purpose of leaving enough time for the bark to cure and dry as it helps eliminate the moisture in the final product resulting in the purest powdered inner root bark.

Even though the harvesting process is very labor intensive,  we are very selective and only harvest the best root bark. Our high sales volume of Mimosa Hostilis root bark allows us to harvest constantly at high capacity; therefore, we can offer the most competitive prices in the market without having to sacrifice quality.

We sell Mimosa Hostilis root bark through many different channels; you can click our Ebay accounts above to read feedback left from our repeat customers. We have many repeat customers because we pride ourselves in selling a good quality mimosa hostilis inner root bark at very competitive prices. We take your privacy very seriously and that is the reason why you can shop with confidence. We have a very simple, secure, and discreet buying process for your safety.

Mimosa Hostilis Root Bark Harvest

All of our Mimosa Hostilis or Jurema Preta root bark comes from Brazil, where it is a native species. Trees are sustainably harvested by our suppliers in a way that does not destroy the Jurema Preta population. Our suppliers use a combination of harvesting the bark without killing the tree or in the case where the tree does not survive, many seeds are planted to more than compensate for any decrease in population in the short period.

Our suppliers Mimosa Hostilis root bark hand pick the best trees of only the largest size and older, which usually go hand in hand to ensure the best possible quality.

All of our Mimosa Hostilis root bark is harvested and put in dry rooms the same day. The inner root bark is handpicked, selected and prepared for sale. The selected root bark is dried indoors to make certain full dryness in a fast time (due to the amount of rain in this area) without exposing the root bark to damaging UV rays.

Mimosa Hostilis Root Bark Storage

Our suppliers then shred the inner root bark in smaller pieces. We often receive these smaller pieces and shred them into even smaller pieces or powder them here; other times we buy the finely shredded or powdered depending on demand.

Our Brazilian suppliers are the biggest and most experience Mimosa Hostilis root bark suppliers in the entire world. Due to proven quality and excellent service we have a constant demand that we easily predict month to month. Whenever there is higher than normal demand we add more stock to our weekly orders. It only takes about 5 or 6 days for the Mimosa bark to arrive to USA from Bahia, Brazil. The final product, whether is in shredded or powder form is packed immediately in resealable bags to limit the amount of time the inner root bark is exposed to oxygen.

Mimosa Hostilis Root Bark Shipping

Our inner root bark is shipped in an envelope via USPS first class mail and always comes with a tracking number, which we upload to Paypal the same day we ship it. Shipping is always free in the US and takes 2 to 3 days to arrive. International shipping is done through USPS first class international and it takes about 7 to 14 days to arrive. Most of our international customers who live in countries where we ship, receive the order in less than 10 days.

Mimosa Hostilis Root Bark Quantity Discounts

Please contact us for rates on bulk orders, the prices will change depending on quantity, type of bark (powder or shredded) and whether you want it shipped from USA or from Brazil.


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Post Packing Process
Powdered Mimosa Hostilis
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