Corona Virus Update

We have been receiving many questions regarding the pandemic and how it is affecting our operations. First, let us say that we hope our customers are doing well in these difficult times and taking necessary precautions as are we.

Coronavirus update

Worldwide Status

Covid-19 so far has had little effect in the supply chain of Mimosa Hostilis Root Bark. However, since Brazil could become the new world hotspot for the Virus it may slow or halt the exporting of many products including Mimosa Hostilis. Since we import MHRB exclusively from Brazil, we have increased our stock and our regular orders in the event that we cannot import for a period of time. Another potential problem could be delays in shipment from Brazil if fewer planes are used for express shipments and cargo ships are used instead. Considering that winter is approaching in Brazil is not difficult to understand how things could get worse.

USA Status

In the US our preferred shipping method “USPS or Postal Service” has been working without any major changes. We continue to ship every single day and have not seen any abnormal delays in shipments. As explained, we are increasing our stock of Mimosa Hostilis Root Bark inside the US to prevent any shortages arising from the supply side. We understand most of our customer prefer to purchase MHRB from within the US in part because it safer and more convenient and we are working hard to make sure services are not interrupted. We wanted to thank all our customers for their continued support and please continue to stay safe!!!!


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