Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Where is your Mimosa Hostilis root bark being harvested?
We only harvest Mimosa Hostilis in Brazil. At the moment, only in Bahia despite having other suppliers throughout Brazil. We do not import our product from any other countries; neither do we mix our root bark with any other root bark.

Do you use any trunk bark in the final product?
We only use inner root bark: Mimosa Hostilis or Jurema Preta as locally known is a very special tree; our suppliers of root bark harvest the trees in such a way that it does not diminish the Jurema Preta tree population. In many cases, our suppliers can harvest root bark without killing the tree; however, is cases where trees do not survive: Jurema Preta seeds are planted at ratio higher than 1:1 (to overcompensate for dead trees).

Do you ship Mimosa Hostilis Root bark outside the US?

At the moment the only method of payment for international buyers is bitcoin. We have shipped our MHRB to multiple countries around the world with a 100% success rate (mainly because we never ship more than 1kg at a time) We only ship via Express Mail International with a tracking number, it is the most expensive service but the most reliable (average time to arrive is 7 days). Please contact for a quote but here are a few examples of total cost: (including $62.50 for shipping)

500g finely powdered is $220

1000g finenly powdered is $350

500g shredded is $175

1000g shredded is $280

Please contact us if you need international shipping or have any questions.

How long does it take to receive the Mimosa Hostilis Root Bark after I place the order?
We ship our products in an envelope via USPS 1st class, which means 2 o 3 within the USA and always with a tracking number. International orders can take 1 to 2 weeks without a tracking number. We try to ship all orders the same day they are received if payment clears by late afternoon; otherwise, we ship it the following day. Therefore, allow for at least 4 days to receive your product in the US after your place your order.

Can I return my product for any reasons?
Buy with confidence. You can return the product for any reason as long as you have not tampered with it, and do so within 30 days after purchase. You are responsible for the cost of shipping the product back to us.

How can I pay?

We accept credit/debit cards and cash. Go to products page for more info.

Why is your powdered Mimosa Hostilis Root Bark cheaper than similar products sold in other sites?
We only sell MHRB! Unlike other sellers, we deal in high volume through several websites and platforms including this one. Therefore, we can profit with lower margins based on the large quantity we sell.