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Our Rapé blends available for sale come from Brazil and they are made by several different tribes. This sacred snuff is also known as Hapé, Rappee, Rapéh among others. The Amazonian Tribes have been using these blends for thousands of years to improve their well beings not only physically but also mentally. Rapés are blends and contain tobacco of a variety called Nicotiana Rustica mixed with the ashes of other plants also native to the Amazon rainforest.

We sell Snuff Rapé in USA and always ship within the country so you can get your order within a few days. We offer a wide variety of Rapés and are always trying to add more high quality blends. We only sell fresh and strong blends.


The Angico Rapé comes from a tree’s bark mostly found in São Paulo and Pará called Anadenanthera Colubrina or Angico Vermelho. It has many healing properties but it is more commonly used to treat fatigue and loss of appetite.


The Aroeira  Rapé comes from a tree commonly known as Aroeira or Schinus terebinthifolia and it is found all over Brazil. Several parts of the tree are used for medicinal purposes but this Rapé uses the bark. Aroeira Rapé is known to have many properties including: antibacterial, diuretic, digestive and antiviral.


The Caneleiro Rapé  is made from the ashes of the tree’s bark known as Caneleiro or Canela de Velho. It is one of the most famous Rapés and comes from the Yawanawa Tribe. This Rapé has many healing properties but it is mostly used to help in the regeneration of cells and hormone balancing. It also helps people with arthritis and other joint pain.


The Cumaru Rapé  or Cumaru Puro is made from the ashes of the Cumaru tree and comes form the Kaxinawa Tribe. This Rapé  if used frequently is known to bring strength and speed and it also helps to connect to your spiritual energy.


The Mulateiro Rapé comes from a tree in the Amazon called Calycophyllum Spruceanum or Capirona. This tree shreds its bark to regenerate and the bark contains several healing properties that from the Mulateiro. The Mulateiro tree is also known as the tree of youth among many Amazonian tribes because women bathed using a preparation of the Mulateiro bark to remain young.

This Rapé helps in resetting your system to restore health and reclaim your youth. It helps to concentrate and release tension in order to balance your entire self. Men use it also for strength and  stamina


The Nissural Rapé comes the Kaxinawa Tribe and is made from the ashes of the Nissural which is popular for its relaxing power and helps to improve blood circulation. Many people use it to treat headaches, stress and to fight negative energies.


The Parica Rapé is made with the ashes of the tree known as Parica or Schizolobium Amazonicum. It comes from the Yawanawa Tribe and it is used for meditation, concentration and cleaning.


The Samaúma Rapé is made with the ashes of the Samaúma tree also known as Kapok or Ceiba Pentranda. This tree is one of the largest in the Amazon and it is considered sacred. The Yawanawa Tribe use this Rapé to heal and cleanse in order to re balance one’s thoughts, emotions, and energy.


The Tsunu Rapé is made with Tsunu bark ashes also known as Platycyamus regnellii, and is one of the oldest blends known. It helps to clear and reset the mind and many people use it to purifie the pineal gland and sinuses.