San Pedro Cactus

San Pedro Cactus Powder and  Dried Chips

San Pedro Cactus Powder: 100g @ $70

San Pedro Cactus Chips: 100g @ $70

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San Pedro Cactus or Echinopsis pachanoi (Trichocereus pachanoi) is a fast-growing cactus from the Andes Mountains. San Pedro Cactus can be found in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador and Peru and it is cultivated in other parts of the world including The United States. Experts say that San Pedro Cactus from South America, especially those grown high altitude have a better quality than those grown in low altitude.

We import our San Pedro Cactus from Peru and Bolivia in powder form as well as dried chips. Plants cannot be shipped in its natural form that is why we import dried versions, which are very concentrated. To obtain 100g of San Pedro Cactus powder, it takes 800g to 1100g of live San Pedro cuttings.

Several platforms like Ebay have emilinated San Pedro Cactus listings with a few exceptions such as Live San Pedro plants. We sell this product to be used as incense and we always maintain a fresh stock.

Sometimes we sell San Pedro cuttings cultivated in California whenever our partner growers have a surplus of cuttings. We offer those at discounted rates since we are able to buy in bulk.

San Pedro Cactus has many uses around the world. It has been used in the Ades Mountains for over 3000 years in traditional medicine and veterinary medicine. In USA San Pedro Cactus is mostly grown as an ornament; that is why you will find it for sale at Lowes or Home Depot every once in a while.