Syrian Rue Seed for sale (Peganum Harmala)


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These seeds are imported from Jordan, Rue seeds, aka African rue, harmala and Spilani. Rue has been used in Persian cooking as a seasoning, as the source for a plant-based yellow or red dye (traditional Persian Red), as a natural incense to ward off evil spirits and to bless newlyweds, during Sufi prayers.

In the realm of Seeds of Medicinal Plants, the diversity and potency of these botanical treasures offer a window into the world’s rich ethnomedicinal heritage. Among the myriad of medicinal seeds, Yopo seeds stand out for their unique spiritual and healing properties. Originating from the Anadenanthera peregrina tree, found in South America, Yopo seeds have been used by indigenous tribes for centuries in ceremonial contexts to induce visionary states and for their therapeutic benefits.

The inclusion of Yopo seeds alongside Rue seeds in our collection highlights the broad spectrum of medicinal and spiritual applications these seeds offer. Both types of seeds embody the traditional knowledge and cultural practices that have revered the natural world and its healing powers. From the ritualistic use of Rue seeds in Middle Eastern traditions to the ceremonial importance of Yopo seeds in South American cultures, these seeds of medicinal plants represent a bridge between the ancient and the modern, inviting contemporary seekers to explore the depths of natural wellness and spiritual exploration.

By offering both Rue seeds from Jordan and Yopo seeds, we aim to provide a curated selection that honors the traditional uses of these seeds while making them accessible to a global audience interested in the healing and ceremonial potential of natural botanicals. Whether used in cooking, dyeing, spiritual practices, or as part of a holistic wellness regimen, these seeds connect us to the earth’s bounty and the wisdom of past generations.


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