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White Copal Resin is an exceptionally pure and natural product, native to Mexico. Originating from the Bursera jorullense tree, this resin stands out for its freshness and distinctive aroma, described as bright, light and fruity. Its premium quality and careful harvesting process guarantee a unique olfactory experience, perfect for freshening and refreshing spaces.

Outstanding characteristics of White Copal Resin:

Origin and Authenticity: Extracted from Bursera jorullense trees in Mexico, this resin is an authentic and natural product.
Aroma: It has a fruity and refreshing aroma, with citrus notes and a touch of sweetness, ideal for creating a pleasant atmosphere.
Versatile Use: Although it is commonly used for the elaboration of incense, its fresh and natural aroma makes it suitable for various purposes, such as perfumery and aromatherapy.
Appearance: The resin is presented in solid form, with a consistency that can vary from soft to hard, depending on the freshness of the batch.

In addition to the serene ambiance created by White Copal Resin incense, we also offer the Peruvian Torch for sale, a sacred plant known for its spiritual properties. This product is sought after by those looking to deepen their spiritual journey, offering another layer of depth to rituals and meditative practices.

Furthermore, our selection includes Rapé, a traditional Amazonian tobacco snuff used by indigenous tribes for ceremonial purposes. Rapé is revered for its ability to ground and center the user, providing a profound connection to the earth and enhancing the spiritual experience.

Together, White Copal Resin, Peruvian Torch, and Rapé represent the core of our commitment to providing authentic, high-quality spiritual products. Each offers a unique path to enhancing your spiritual practices, whether through the aromatic journey of incense, the deep introspective exploration facilitated by the Peruvian Torch, or the grounding presence of Rapé. We invite you to explore these sacred offerings and discover the ways in which they can enrich your spiritual and ceremonial engagements.


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