Where To Buy Mimosa Hostilis Root Bark

If you are looking where to buy Mimosa Hostilis Root Bark, it is important to consider several important factors. We prepared a comprehensive report on how to avoid the most common pitfalls and how to find good MHRB vendors.

There are several options for Mimosa Hostilis vendors; however, purchasing from the wrong supplier will make for a very frustrating experience. I have heard many stories of people who were scammed, or had to wait several weeks for their order, or got into trouble with US Customs.

Where Not To Buy Mimosa Hostilis

First, we need to avoid the most common mistake: Do not purchase Mimosa Hostilis Root Bark from China. It is a scam, whether the sellers in China know it or not, nobody has successfully purchased legit MHRB from China.

Many of the Chinese suppliers advertise their product in Alibaba.com or AliExpress, the first clue that is a scam is that Mimosa Hostilis trees do not grow in Asia and they offer a better price than even Brazilian or Mexican suppliers.

There are other sellers in Asia that advertise Mimosa Hostilis Root Bark, and they are also a scam. Here is how to spot a fraudulent Mimosa Hostilis seller:

Where To Buy Mimosa Hostilis Root Bark

The location is the first evidence, but more importantly is the price. Lastly, nobody sells MHRB extract powder, not only is it labor intensive but the supplier would have to use 5,10, or 20 times the amount of powder to end up with only 1 unit. Do not be fooled by the nice picture or the five-star review.

Where To Avoid Buying Mimosa Hostilis: Caveat Emptor (buyer beware)

Purchasing MHRB from Europe

There are several vendors that have good quality Mimosa Hostilis around the world; however, there is always a risk when purchasing MHRB from outside the US (or any country you live in). Choosing a vendor with experience in international shipping is very important, they know how to declare Mimosa Hostilis and they have been successful doing so.

Not only are the most experienced international sellers in Europe, but also products that come from Europe are not as scrutinized as products that come from Asia (many counterfeit products) or Latin America (many illegal products etc). It is cheaper to export MHRB from Brazil to Europe, than from Brazil to the US, so they have good prices as well.

We can recommend one company in Netherlands:

They have good quality, good price, ease of payment, and they ship outside the Netherlands. Having said that, you are still purchasing outside the US and this product goes through Customs, which can not only delay the process but it can lead to other problems as well.

Purchasing MHRB from Mexico

Buying Mimosa Hostilis from Mexico is riskier than buying from Europe. Sellers in Mexico do not have the best capabilities for taking payments (which can offer buyer’s protection), neither do they have all the appropriate documentation to export this product successfully.

When purchasing MHRB from Mexico, customers have a little better than fifty-fifty shot at getting their orders. Prices are the cheapest in the world, but the quality is not as good as Brazilian MHRB. Many orders get lost (or thrown away by Customs) and buyers have little recourse.

We can recommend one company in Mexico:

  • Facebook: Roots Maya

The seller is very nice, responsive, price is really cheap. On the other hand, it is very difficult to pay (western union), quality is above average, and it still has to go through US Customs.

Purchasing MHRB from Brazil

We believe the best quality MHRB in the world is in Brazil, they have more and they have better. Purchasing from Brazil is somewhat similar to Mexico in the sense that it is very difficult to pay, and in some cases communicate.

Shipping times from Brazil is less than Mexico, usually takes 10 days via EMS. The biggest problem with purchasing from Brazil though, is that the chances of your package being opened and inspected are very high and there are many buyers who have reported getting a letter from Customs, or their empty package with a note inside saying their order was confiscated, I have seen such notes and they are usually followed by a visit from the authorities.

We can recommend one company from Brazil:


This company is very professional, they have super good quality Mimosa Hostilis, and process your order right away. On the other hand, they only accept brank transfer from the US, they only ship small amounts, and your order has to go through US Customs.

Best Options for Buying Mimosa Hostilis in the US

We believe purchasing MHRB in the US, is by far the best option. Here are the reasons why:


  • It is already in the US (BIGGEST PLUS)
  • More payment options (some offer buyers protection)
  • Fastest way to get your order delivered
  • Easier to fix any issues (shipping, payment, language, refunds)


  • Variation of quality (there is good and bad quality MHRB in the US)
  • More expensive than importing from outside USA
  • Unable to verify origin (many US vendors claim it is from Brazil, when in fact is from Mexico)

We believe that unless you know the vendor, is best to make the first purchase with a form of payment that offers buyers protection, such as: credit cards or paypal. Many Mimosa Hostilis US vendors claim their product is from Brazil and that the quality is the best, but that is not always the case.

It is a good idea to research online for a particular supplier, but many times you will not find customer’s feedback. We recommend purchasing Mimosa Hostilis from a vendor whose customers testimonials can be verified (don’t be misled by some opinions left on their own site or even some forums) There are vendors who link their Ebay customers feedback to their site, which you can easily read and verify on the Ebay site (independently) with the name of the product, the feedback, and customers unique ID.

We can recommend two companies in the US (biased opinion 😊)


  • Top quality Brazilian MHRB
  • Accepts many forms of payment (with buyers protection)
  • Shares Ebay MHRB sales feedback (100% positive)
  • Process orders same day


  • Top quality Brazilian MHRB from Bahia
  • Accepts many forms of payment (Credit Card, Venmo, Cashapp, Gpay, Zelle and more)
  • Shares Ebay MHRB history on the Ebay site
  • Excellent customer service
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

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