Jurema preta root bark (Whole Mimosa Hostilis Root Bark)


Whole Mimosa Hostilis inner root bark. This product is imported from Brazil and is also known by other names: Jurema Preta, Tepezcohuite and Mimosa Tenuiflora (MHRB). This bark has a dark color and it is less dense than shredded or powder root bark.

Given the size and shape of these pieces of bark (after they dry) we are able to ensure it is 100% pure and organic root bark and not trunk bark. Bark from the trunk would not have the same curvature or bend as the bark from the root due to its much bigger diameter.

We only offer inner root bark from old Mimosa trees from Brazil. The root bark from old trees is richer in tannins than the root bark from younger trees; therefore, this bark is perfect for use as a natural dye and leather production. Not only does the root bark from old Jurema Preta trees has a higher tannin content, it is a little darker and thicker than bark from younger Jurema Preta trees.

Beyond its traditional uses, the inner root bark plays a crucial role in the realm of Medicinal Roots, offering a plethora of health benefits. These ancient remedies, valued for centuries, are increasingly sought after for their holistic properties. Additionally, our mimosa hostilis root bark powder is a finely ground alternative, providing a convenient form for various applications, from health supplements to skincare products. This powder form ensures a broader accessibility and ease of use for those exploring the therapeutic potential of Jurema Preta. Meanwhile, Mhrb shredded offers a middle ground, retaining more of the natural texture while still being versatile enough for dyeing or crafting herbal remedies. The shredding process allows for a quicker preparation time without sacrificing the quality or potency of the medicinal properties.

The long pieces of bark are cut using a machete (into smaller pieces or chips) then go through the drying process. These pieces of whole bark are always kept in a dry place under a cool temperature.

Recommendations for storage: Keep in a cool and dry place, and avoid leaving any air inside the bag if storing for later use.


100g, 250g, 500g, 1kg


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